Intentional, Not Perfect, Parenting

There is something about parenting books that reminds me of the old snake oil salesmen in American history. “Buy my book, and all your parenting problems will be solved.” “Just try this technique and watch misbehaviors disappear!” The problem wasn’t just shady people selling snake oil with wild promises. It was people hoping that such a tonic existed and willing to spend money for such a thing. Many people approach parenting books in the same way, looking for some magic cure-all for the challenges of raising kids.


What if the challenges of parenting are not meant to be solved, but are actually what God gives us to raise our children prepared to go out into the world? What if the challenges in parenting are just like germs that children are exposed to when they’re young? Germs make a child sick in the short-term, but they build up a child’s immunity over the long-term, making for healthy children. If that’s the case, then learning how to parent means learning how to respond to our children in the challenges, rather than trying to eliminate the challenges. And that is a real challenge for us, as parents.

[This article is featured on Behind the Scenes, an Ancient Faith Ministries blog. Read the full article here.]


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